June 7 2015

First Voki deserves place on my virtual refrigerator


Voki.com is a Web 2.0 Tool with a voice-to-avatar application.  Below is my experiment with it, the quality being similar to that of the first finger painting of a kindergartner.  This deserves a space on my virtual refrigerator!

Transcript (just in case you’re thrown off by the Australian accent):

‘Hello, maties! This is the Idaho State Journalism Association blog. This was created at Voki.com!”

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Posted June 7, 2015 by Michelle Harmon in category Humor

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I have been teaching English and advising journalism and newspaper since 2004. This year, I was selected to represent Idaho for the Journalism Education Association. The state affiliate is Idaho State Journalism Association. Please contact me if you need any information about scholastic journalism in Idaho.

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