August 13 2015

J-Day at BSU underway

Speakers are saying “yes,” ISJA Board Members are sending ideas, and tours are being designed for the Oct. 29 J-Day from the Idaho State Journalism Association.

Some highlights:

  • A bus may be chartered for Southeast Idaho students/advisers
  • Tours are available the day before the event
  • Keynote speakers are students and graduates of BSU who are using Social Media to develop businesses
    • Whitney Hansen coaches students on living their dreams (but within their budgets)
    • Dallas Crum and his partners want everyone in the world to have access to water (and to buy their water bottles)
  • Sessions cover all areas of journalism media
    • Newspaper
    • Web
    • Video Broadcasting
    • Yearbook

Stay posted to learn more!

May 23 2015

It’s Memorial Day Weekend; time to relax and create a blog!

IMG_0192Here goes!

This blog has been long in the making.  I completed my JEA Master Journalism Educator certification by writing a story about how scholastic journalism programs are incorporating blogging.

That was two years ago, and many attempts in my beginning journalism classroom to successfully incorporate it.  My hope is that I become such a proficient online writer that I can be a better guide to my student  bloggers.

Additionally, my hope is to create an informative blog for ISJA.  Wish me luck!