May 10 2015



My picture 2014My name is Michelle Harmon and I am a teacher and a journalist.

I am the new JEA State Director for Idaho and the president of the Idaho State Journalism Association.  If you are looking for a community of like-minded scholastic journalism educators, please consider joining ISJA.


Map_of_IdahoI have been teaching at Borah High School in Boise, Idaho since 2004, after going back to school for my M.Ed.  Before that, I lived and worked in New York City.

At Borah, I teach English and journalism classes, and I am the adviser of its school newspaper, The Borah Senator, which is both a traditional print publication and an online news site.

Goal of this Blog

For the past few years, I have used blogging in my journalism classroom.  However, I’d like to learn more about blogging and use this platform to write about ISJA’s activities and journalism in Idaho in particular.

Contact me at


Twitter: @mrharmon, @TheBorahSenator, @isjaMedia


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